Middle School Closing Ceremony

The Middle School bade farewell to its eighth-graders during a wonderful ceremony on the last day of June. The Middle School Closing Ceremony opened with Mozart’s A Little Night Music played by the eighth-grade instrumental ensemble. Head of Middle School Bill Waskowitz opened by thanking the students, faculty, and parents for their hard work throughout the year. During his remarks, Head of School Chris Garten noted the impact the outgoing eighth-graders had on the Middle School community. “You’ve really raised the bar,” he said. “We have great expectations of you.” Eighth-graders Sydney Chun, Kurt Drath, Sahil Singh Ghatora, Audrey Howard, Time Kalin, Savoy Lackey, and Christina Torlone shared the lessons they’ve learned in Middle in their Eighth-Grade Reflections, citing four lessons:

  1. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.
  2. Don’t worry. Relax. Be positive and appreciate the experience.
  3. Be yourself and try new things.
  4. Seven Hills is a family and a community that welcomes all and supports each other.

Waskowitz and Head of Upper School Matt Bolton made additional remarks to the class of 2021. Waskowitz recalled when he was a kid he watched the Superman series on television. He compared the eighth-graders to Superman’s mild-mannered alias Clark Kent. Like Kent, Waskowitz said, the students work hard day in and day out, showing up to their “job.” Even with their amazing artistic, athletic, and academic abilities, students are present and do what needs to be done, not just for themselves but for others too. He said that was the “true superpower.” Bolton congratulated the students, and invited them to make the Upper School their home. In addition to the opening ensemble performance, the ceremony included a number of musical selections. Eighth-grader Aaron Ziegler played Fantasy Bossa and the eighth-grade chorus gave a moving performance of Home by Phillip Phillips. Eighth-grader Maddie Davis closed the program with Better Together by Jack Johnson as eighth-graders made the traditional recessional. Before a reception for family and guests, faculty lined the hallway to Hillsdale Commons to cheer on the rising ninth-graders. Click here to see photos of the Middle School Closing Ceremony.

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